Shanequa Hammock, (first-year, Undecided)



I was reading Victor Sowers’ letter to the editor and I wanted to comment on his opinion. I agree that forcing students to live on campus for three years is unfair. Students should have the option of moving off campus if they wish. Of course first-years should be forced to live on campus, but after first-year students should have a choice in where it is that they want to live: or perhaps, the administration could compromise with the students by only forcing them to live on campus two years. This way students will have the option of living off campus for more than a year. This will allow students to experience and explore the outside environment of the campus. College is supposed to be a transitional experience where students gain independence, knowledge, and freedom. Living on campus limits this transitional experience. Before I came to college I had plans to move off campus with a couple of my friends during my junior year, but with this new policy I am unable to do so and forced to wait another year. Hopefully, this policy will change so other freshman and I will not have to wait a longtime to live off campus.

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