Rachel Brown (sophomore, AHVA)



There are a handful of computers on campus that have certain specialized software on them i.e. Photoshop, DVD players, scanning programs and even color printing. There are six that students have 24-hour access to: the Creative Stations in the Library. So it is frustrating when I go to access one of these very specialized computers only to find them all taken by people writing papers. I do not begrudge anyone’s paper writing. However, in the library there are two full computer labs (Brown on the entrance level and another on the ground floor) for people who want to write papers. There are six computers if I need to scan in an image, use Photoshop or print a painting. Please consider your fellow students in need of special software before you sit down at the Creative Stations. It’s late, I probably have something due tomorrow too, and I don’t want to have to ask you to move in the middle of writing your 3rd page anymore than you want to.

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