Molly Storer (sophomore, Undeclared)



Working at the Dean of Students office during the aftermath of registration I came to realize that it was in fact, a disaster. With Terri, her executive assistant, having lunch, and the Dean busy with a full day of meetings, I saw countless students come in teary-eyed and/or enraged about not getting the classes they wanted. It seemed like none of them were going to be able complete a major, let alone graduate in four years. As I sat behind my little desk, I tried my best to assure them that it would all work out; however they couldn’t seem to get the double-digit long waitlists off their minds . . . Hey now! We’re not waiting in line for a fun nightclub that we can’t get into, we’re upset because we have to wait in line for classes?

To all who are discouraged: get those “Add Forms” and pursue department heads and professors!

Extra sections will be added before next fall! Focus on nailing the classes you have now, you’re under enough stress! Remember: You have a whole summer of fun before these classes even begin! Now it’s time for me to add some classes, because I’m on six different waitlists! Eek!

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