Fountain Still Awaiting Renovation and Repair


Author: Kevin Abrams

Since late Feb. the fountain by Oxy’s main entrance has been under construction. Because of its unique and complex structure, it requires maintenance on a regular basis, and this year is no exception: the fountain is being renovated and is scheduled to be functional by the end of April.

Eric Peltzer, the representative of the Artistic Estate of George P. Baker, said that, overall, “The fountain is physically solid and should require no fundamental repairs or welding,” and that “the stainless steel structure, framework and static visible shapes appear to be in good condition.” But he said that the stainless steel ball bearings on which the fountain depends for its movement are wearing down, as well as the motor valves and the main pump strainer.

Project Manager of the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Division John Mortl said, “There is an archival aspect to the project that prioritizes preservation over speed. Site work began in late February and we expect completion no later than the end of this month.”

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