Anna DeNeui (senior, Biology)



Thank you so much for providing an additional opportunity for Oxy students to further exercise their single most valuable liberal arts-developed skills: verbosity. That is to say, because of the additional practice we can receive from filling your columns with our word-filled wittiness we won’t want for wondrous works to witness once we graduate with honors in speed-reading and page-filling. It has truly been a pleasure to paragraph the prestigious pages of this present publication with proliferous piffle.

Essentially, all that really needs to be said and done has been said already, and the rest we’ll leave for tomorrow after we’ve finished deconstructing the socially-imposed binaries that oppress the obvious and thwart the mysterious wonders of the novel. Who needs them any way? And at the end of the day, if we plant another tree in Kenya, I’m sure Chegg will forgive us for burning the Amazon rain-forest with the carbon emissions from the extra cold air we’ve blown out around the poor sealing of the Green House windows.

As long as there are pesto-green wraps in the marketplace, the pendulum will keep swinging and no one really will ever find the tunnels. But, if Kathy keeps making the sandwiches, I’m sure we’ll all be ok.You basically have two choices: for or other. Because we don’t believe in black and white, we can’t write in it either, so it’s better if the white-board markers are blue and the chalk boards green so that nobody will be offended.

And besides, if you impose a border, there will always be someone who needs a third option, a middle space, and so you can’t ever really be against if after all. That would be intolerant. There really is enough food and money and beds to go around, but it’s all about the distribution, and being vegan.

So thank you so much, dear editor, for providing this wonderful opportunity for nothing to be said. I’ve always felt that a good ramble here and there is good for you. After, all you might find another road less taken.

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