Dogs of Occidental


Dogs of Occidental


Meet Niko. She’s a junior kinesiology major and exclusively orders green tea with light ice at the Green Bean. Spanish is her fourth language. She sits in the front row in your biology class and intimidates you, but you never really see her with friends. She starts most of her comments in class with the word “actually,” and is a fan of ‘athleisure.’ She’s someone you wouldn’t want to keep on a short leash.


Here’s Clay (short for Clayton, but he thinks that’s too formal). He’s a first year with no idea what he wants to study. Clay is a regular on the Oxy meme pages. He studies in the quiet section of the library although he has yet to figure out it’s the quiet section, as evidenced by his noisy chip eating. On a Friday night, you can find Clay wandering around campus for a sub-par Haines dorm party where he can stand in the corner.


This is Margot, a sophomore sociology major. Her Instagram is carefully cultivated through VSCO filters and tasteful selfies. You met Margot at a party once and since then you haven’t had a real conversation with her. But she still says hi really enthusiastically every time you cross paths in the quad. Margot orders soy chicken at The Cooler and is friends with all the employees in the MP.


Corby is a senior DWA major who always dominates in class discussions. He plays frisbee (and is known on the team for catching frisbees in his mouth). High-fives are his favorite form of greeting. He uses his eco-clamshell religiously and is usually wearing Birks – with patterned socks in the colder months, of course.


This is Bentley, a junior English major. His tangents in class steer the discussion way off-topic, and his lethargic intonation is tiring when he’s discussing Socrates. You always find him walking weirdly directly behind you on campus. He has an incredible sense of smell and runs cross country.

Written by Stella Ramos

Photo by Melissa Gutierrez Gonzalez

Design by Yinbo Gao

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