The Glorious, Overdue Return of the Giants-Dodgers Rivalry


Author: Dwight Hobbs

I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life, save for a few months after I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. That means I have been a die-hard Giants fan for about 13 years. I mean bleeding orange-and-black. I mean freezing during night games in June. I mean feasting on garlic fries, crab cakes and other bourgeoisie delights at AT&T/SBC/Pac-Bell Park.

Needless to say, most of the time it’s great to be a Giants fan. However, sitting in one of the most beautiful parks in the country and enjoying great nouveau-ballpark food says nothing of the team on the field.I can say that, for the most part, I and other fans have been able to see some good baseball. As recently as 2002, the Giants won the Wild Card and proceeded to beat the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals before facing the Anaheim Angels in the World Series. We lost seven games in a heartbreaking fashion, but I still count it as a successful season.

The Giants and Dodgers both continued to succeed in the division up until 2004, but I feel I can speak on behalf of Giants and Dodgers fans who have not felt the palpable, competitive and sometimes nasty spirit that has for so long defined the great rivalry.

But worry not, for I am proud to announce that the next era of great California baseball is back between the Dodgers and Giants! (Let us ignore for a moment that as a guest writer, no one really believes that I am qualified to make such a pronouncement). Anyway, we need only look at what this season has shown. As it stands, the Dodgers, dominant all season, are closing in on the magic number needed to clinch the National League West division.

The Giants, for their part, have been competitive (and pretty damn exciting) all season, only recently fading from contention. As disappointed as I am, I believe that the two historic teams are poised for years of fantastic baseball ahead.

Just think about it: The Giants have produced Cy Young-winner Tim Lincecum and the Kung-Fu Panda Pablo Sandoval, who (were it not for his exceptional skill) would still be entertaining to watch. A handful of other young players, including top prospect Buster Posey, have also made tangible strides this season.

Down the coast, the Dodgers have already proven themselves to be a scary team. Leading them in many ways is Matt Kemp, a fantastic athlete who is well on his way to an MVP in the near future.

I will admit to some name-dropping, but it is only to emphasize how completely psyched I am for the future of one of the best rivalries in baseball. If I were you, I would start paying attention and please, get out to the yard, because baseball is getting good again.

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