Many concerned sophomore girls



After reading Richie DeMaria’s article “What the Hell’s a Hipster?,” we found it disconcerting that the newspaper editors never ask staff writers to reflect on the many males on campus rocking plaid shorts, basketball shorts, cargo shorts, camo shorts, t-shirts that one should only reserve for the gym, or any variation on the aforementioned (also known as the “bro”).

It seems as though Occidental’s male community has completely given up on personal style and the importance of what one wears in public. To quote “Superbad”, “No one’s gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since ‘Nam.”

Perhaps the Oxy community should spend less time reflecting on the absurdity of the male hipster and instead reflect on its own complete acceptance of fashion indecency.

How would the boys feel if their fellow female classmates paraded around in flip-flops with socks, sweatpants, corduroy jumpers, and overalls? We know it’s SoCal, but really, you’re taking laid-back to a whole new level.

The next time we pick up a copy of the Oxy Weekly, we’d like to see an opinion piece on the lack of male fashion on campus instead of a piece on the very few hipsters at Oxy-can you be any less original?

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