Gilbert Moran (senior, Art History)



I’d just like to applaud the group of sophomore girls that call out the so called “bro” style that seems to be the norm for males at Oxy. I admit I wear cargo shorts and even plaid patterned shorts but I have enough sense to pair them with shirts that have color and style or some kind of accessory (fitted hats, hoodies and non-basketball/running shoes being some of my favorites) that provide balance. To be sure, flip-flops with socks? No. Camo shorts? No. Gym shirts and shorts as everyday dress? No.

Fashion is just too personal to wear a gray Occidental shirt or khaki shorts with a mud green colored shirt. Running shoes are for running and other forms of exercise only. Give me teal, lime green, purple and even pink (only if it isn’t a polo and isn’t the primary color).

Some people even think that a popped up collar makes you look good. Are we still in the 80s? To be honest though I can’t say that the hipster look is the preferred option. Jeans and a t-shirt with some nice sneakers and a blazer is a real simple way to not be a hipster and not be a bro.

Step up your game guys. Can’t let the girls be the only stylish ones on campus.

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