Letter from the Editor


The Weekly is constantly evolving — our capability to adapt to new challenges, incorporate fresh ideas and respond to feedback is critical to how we thrive as a paper. This semester, our aim is to engage with the campus more than ever before.

A good newspaper does not just report on events; it fosters a relationship with the people it serves and empowers them to share their perspective with the public. While we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a platform for dialogue on issues affecting our campus, we are always looking for ways to bring new voices into that conversation. We hope to do just that with the initiatives we are implementing this year.

One of the these developments will take place online, where we plan to improve our feedback mechanism. The website, in addition to providing a platform for our multimedia content, can be a powerful tool for connecting with you, our readership. Though we strongly encourage members of our community to submit letters to the editor (by emailing them to weekly@oxy.edu), we felt it was important to give students and staff a mechanism to share their concerns, comments and story ideas anonymously. You can find the new feedback form under the “contact us” tab on occidentalweekly.com.

We’re making changes outside the digital realm as well. With the addition of our first ever diversity editor to the staff, we hope to enhance our interactions with and representation of marginalized groups on our campus. Furthermore, both my managing editor, Lauren, and I will host weekly office hours every Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Newcomb Media Suite, where anyone can share their feedback with us directly. Our diversity editor, Chance, will have office hours of their own directly afterward at 3 p.m.

A common belief underlies all these changes: the Occidental Weekly is your paper. Our staff puts in long hours at the Media Suite not only to provide you with the most accurate and extensive coverage possible, but so that every student feels they are represented in their newspaper.

The actions and words of the Occidental students, faculty, staff and community members are important. Over the last century, they have sparked movements, provided healing and yes, even put a certain alumnus in the White House. Let us help you make your voice heard, in the Occidental community and beyond.