Boots: Fall Fashion For LA Heat

Credit: Emily Henderson

Ahh, fall. The trees are turning red and orange. Instagram feeds are filling up with pictures of brightly colored trees. Grocery stores and coffee shops everywhere are inundated with the delicious cinnamon flavors of pumpkin spice products that also have a slightly bitter aftertaste of trendy marketing nonsense.

This glorious time of year feels like the perfect opportunity to bust out a cozy warm sweater, that is, unless you are an Occidental College student trapped in the season-less, perpetual heat of Los Angeles. For the majority of Occidental students, sweater weather is more like sweating weather.

So what is the best accessory for the fashionable Occidental student who just wants to celebrate the season without becoming a puddle of sweat after walking up the hill to Norris? The answer: boots.

For Massachusetts-native, Rachel Wein (senior), boots are a way to embrace fall until she heads home to colder New England temperatures over break. Jodie Kincaid’s (junior) booties are a cross between a boot and a sandal that is perfect for 90-degree weather in November.

A good pair of boots is versatile. It can finish off more dressed-up outfits for a night out or add some pizzazz to a more casual, comfy look for a day of studying.

Tanvi Varma (sophomore) bought her favorite knee-high boots in both black and brown and has no regrets. She can throw them with leggings and a t-shirt or a shirt dress. Lily Ayau’s (sophomore) mahogany laced boots would pair well with shorts and a t-shirt or a sundress.

Boots with a short, thicker heel can be fun if you are looking for a little extra height but still want to make it to class without a face-plant on the stairs.

Credit: Emily Henderson
Credit: Emily Henderson

Sarah Schiele (senior) endorses thick-heeled boots like her black, buckled-adorned pair, as a way to rock a heel without the fear of twisting your ankle.

Neutral-colored boots are a great option since they match with almost any outfit. But there is still room for unique flair in the details, like buckles or ties.

Maria Flores (senior) loves the look of tying up the long laces on her short, taupe boots. Eliana Sternin’s (sophomore) black, buckle-covered boots are sure to make a statement.

And do not think that this fashion trend leaves out masculine styles. Boots can be a great way to give the Vans a break and add a little class to the classic t-shirt and jeans.

Toby Ellentuck (senior) and Charlie Haakenson (senior) don lace-up boots that show this fall shoe trend is for guys too.

So if you have some boots in your closet, now is the time to reach for them. If you do not have a pair (or perhaps you need another), on some sale rack or the shelf of a neighborhood thrift store, some gorgeous boots are calling your name, telling you to shrug off that midterms stress with a little retail therapy and discover your new go-to fall footwear.

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