Snoop Dogg to Headline Big Budget Springfest


Author: Sam Byrne

With this year’s Springfest fast approaching, Occidental students are excited to welcome one of the most well-known contemporary musicians to campus. This Saturday, April 2, the Programming Board and ASOC will host the world-famous and Grammy-nominated Snoop Dogg as the primary entertainer at this year’s Springfest. Springfest is one of Occidental’s largest and most anticipated free events, culminating with a headlining musician each year. This event consists of many activities ranging from face painting and moon ball to a beer garden (for anyone of legal age) and free food.

The activities are only the start of the celebration. There are smaller musical and dance performances as well that lead up to the main event later in the night. Senator Derrick Green (first-year) explained, “The food, entertainment and small performances act as precursors for the final event, which is the concert.”

The event’s final concert is expected to draw an overwhelming crowd of students eager to see the award-winning rapper, producer and musician. On, a general admission concert ticket for one of his shows would typically sell for no less than $35, but Programming Board and ASOC have allowed for this event to take place without any expense to Occidental students.

“We actually weren’t going to be able to put on this concert, as we fell a tad short on money, but thankfully ASOC Senate was gracious and gave us enough to secure the act,” Programming Board Manager Daniel Perez (senior) said.

Perez discussed his budget issues, explaining, “Since we had a limited concert budget, the Office of Student Life and I decided at the beginning of the year to spend the money allocated to concerts on a smaller show in the fall and a larger show in the spring.” In the fall, Occidental students enjoyed a Ra Ra Riot concert that Perez organized, with the intention of bringing in an even bigger act for the fall, which is why ASOC Sentate and the Programming Board were able to invite Snoop Dogg to perform.  

Snoop Dogg was chosen as the main performer, according to feedback that Occidental students provided in the fall. “At the beginning of the year, we sent out a concert survey to the student body with genres of music that they would like to see in a school-sponsored concert,” Perez said. Rap rated as one of the most popular musical genres among Occidental Students, which is why Perez and the Programming Board decided invite Snoop Dogg, one of the most well-known rap moguls in the U.S.

Despite all the effort to fund the performance and bring Snoop Dogg to campus, some students still question the rapper’s ability to put on a quality show. Oscar Flores (first-year) said, “He’s not legitimate anymore, he’s mainstream. Snoop doesn’t perform like he did back in the day.”

Though students may feel that Snoop Dogg may be getting a little old for the business, as he is nearing his 40s and potentially the end of his career, others are positive that the performer will still be able to put on a good show. Neil Gordon (senior) has seen three Springfest concerts in his time at Occidental and recognizes the high standard that has been set in past years. Gordon is optimistic, however, that Snoop Dogg will pull off a great show and will be well-worth seeing perform. “Snoop is a great entertainer and I can’t wait to see the SoCal native headline at Springfest,” Gordon said.   

Last year, Springfest was highly successful and received positive feedback. The day began with Korean barbeque and ice cream sandwiches, as well as several acts including performances by Occidental’s own Ugly Sweaters. The day continued with performances by street performers and dancers before last year’s headliner, Nas, performed accompanied by a live band. This April, the Programming Board is optimistic that Springfest will be an even greater success than the already impressive event held last year.  

Snoop Dogg recently released his new album “Doggumentary” on March 29, which will allow Occidental students a rare chance to hear one of the first live performances of the artist’s newest material.  For those who are not Snoop Dogg fanatics, Springfest is an all-day event that will offer many attractions worth stopping by for. Everyone should feel free to bring a friend from outside Occidental, show their appreciation and support for the Programming Board and enjoy this year’s Springfest. It’s an event that should not be missed.

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