Jeff Gilmour (senior, Biology)



What’s a six letter word for an underappreciated and stepped-upon genius? Grubbs.

I am dumbfounded at the lack of respect your paper shows this semester’s puzzle editor, Colin Grubbs. Now, I personally don’t know him, but through anecdotal evidence and rumors, I know he is of the highest intelligence and honor. What a pleasant surprise I received when I learned your former “puzzle” editor, Justin “bad puzzles” Laufer, had been replaced by Mr. Grubbs. I missed the 2/4 edition, but I did start the puzzle from 2/11. Notice I only said “start.” This is because the lovely heart-shaped crossword had been mangled into insolvability. The last column of squares and some of the text were off by poor formatting and printing.

Because of this travesty, I believe Mr. Grubbs deserves more space for his mind-bogglingly awesome crosswords as well as a larger paycheck for emotional restitution. Colin, you are not alone in your pain: I felt it while trying unsuccessfully to complete that beautiful heart-shaped word-gasm.

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