Get More Thoughtful Gifts at Culver City Shop


Author: Rebecca Rodriguez

It’s that time of year again: a time for nostalgia, joy, celebration . . . and shopping. Along with holiday spirit comes an unceasing torrent of commercials advertising the same sales for the same things. Every ad implies that we should buy our loved ones gifts based solely on department store sales. However, sentiment is the key to finding the perfect present. During my search for unique gifts, I stumbled upon The Get More House, a great little boutique full of exceptional treasures.

Located on 11276 Washington Place in Culver City, The Get More House was once a simple neighborhood home. However, the owners have since converted it into a vintage shop selling both new and used furniture and home decorating accessories. The shop does blend in with the other houses nearby, making it easy to miss. Yet there is something especially homey and attractive about The Get More House.

The close arrangement of all the merchandise, the welcoming company and the warm lighting provide a comfortable atmosphere for shopping – they even offer free candy at the entrance of the store.

The Get More House is the ideal store to find treasures for anyone interested in furnishing or antiques. The store’s impressive collection of home furnishings makes it the perfect place to find a gift for someone who has recently moved, or for a college student seeking to embellish dorm decorations.

In addition to home decor, there is also a wide array of other relics, such as handmade jewelry, vintage cigarette lighters and perfume bottles, that are ideal gifts for collectors and antique-lovers alike. Since the store buys and resells the used treasures of its patrons, there is a wide variety of trinkets that cater to everyone on your list.

I myself have bought numerous priceless items from The Get More House – one of my favorite purchases is an antique, 1950s-style telephone. Although merchandise changes every once in a while as some new items are brought in, one can always count on finding quirky antiques. Gorgeous, unique patio chairs and tables, as well as beautiful teacups and kettles imported from England are only a few of the extraordinary riches I encountered during my visit.

So this holiday season, resist buying friends and family members a carbon-copy sweater simply because it’s on sale, because, after all, anyone could buy the same thing for a stranger. If you wish to buy something that will be cherished and not thrown to the back of the closet, visit The Get More House and put a little extra thought into gift-giving this year.

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