Elissa Chandler (junior, Politics)



As co-president of the FEAST club I would like to write a letter of support for the Renewable Energy & Sustainabilty Fund. Not only has the fund financially supported our club’s effort to start an on-campus organic vegetable garden and compost but, in terms of coordinating faculty, administrators and students the fund has been there every step of the way.

The fund is a new addition to our campus and it is going to take student initiative to make it worthwhile. I believe that the new bike-racks on campus have encouraged biking-over my three years here, I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of cyclists. The FEAST garden project will certainly add to environmental awareness on campus and I am sure that the fund will encourage more and more environmental-oriented projects every year as it grows in student-donation participation and recognition.

Students who don’t think that the projects funded this semester were worthwhile should think about organizing their own projects. The beauty of going to a small liberal-arts college is that we can take advantage of programs like the Sustainability Fund and learn how to be useful citizens who contribute to a greater good.With supportive faculty, creative students and sources of funding I believe our student body can and will be more engaged in sustainability projects.

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