Drooling for Daglas


Author: Elena Cohen

Craving a nice, big, juicy pastrami sandwich? I’ve got a suggestion.

Located in Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley area, Daglas Drive-In has been serving delicious food since 1950. Daglas specializes in all kinds of dishes, including burgers, gyros and hot dogs.

Stepping into Daglas, one immediately notices the lines of customers ordering the restaurant’s signature dish: their famous pastrami sandwich. Framed by a toasted white bun, overflowing with a pile of juicy pastrami beef and slathered in a specialty fresco sauce, the sandwich is sure to make any mouth water. The sauce is made with garlic, beef flavoring and grilled onions that are stewed together for a long time in order to achieve the perfect balance of flavors.

Adding to the dining experience, each meal comes with fresh fries that are sprinkled with seasoning salt. The workers cut anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds of Idaho-imported potatoes each day. Once cut, they are immediately fried in vegetable oil. The final products are batches of thick, gooey, flavorful fries seasoned with sea salt and a dash of pepper to maintain a smooth, crispy texture and freshness. Another popular choice at Daglas is the chili cheese fries, made with shredded American cheese and topped with spicy hot peppers, garlic, onion and shredded beef.

Daglas Drive-In’s goal is to please the customers and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The dining area cultivates a simple environment where one can eat without feeling overwhelmed.

The workers have every intention of making sure that meals and ingredients are fresh. They make their burgers with crisp lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Once the buns are toasted, they are coated with a mayo spread. While grilling the meat, the workers add salt if requested at different intervals of time so that the burger is evenly seasoned.

What easily distinguishes this burger from any other is its richness. Specifically, large amounts of grease spill over the buns from the burger. Who doesn’t want a rich, juicy burger? The burgers at the Daglas Drive-In simply bring out the best of all of the ingredients, resulting in a harmonized taste orgasm for the customer. Once the final product is complete, it is paired with a side of French fries and a soda.

The cost of a meal at the Daglas Drive-In is reasonable. The portions are huge, and it is nearly impossible for anyone to finish their meal. For $9, one can get a pastrami sandwich, jumbo sized fries and soda.

If anything, Daglas Drive-In strives to make a valid statement, satisfying their customers with large portions of reasonable, rich food.

If you’re ever in the San Fernando Valley area and are hungry, you should check out Daglas Drive-In for yourself and see what you think of their pastrami sandwich and fries.

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