5 Ways to Not Suck at Picking Your Bracket


Author: Andrew Valdes

March Madness is here, but unlike other big sporting events, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is not only a chance for student athletes to represent their schools on a national stage, but it is also a time where we all get to garner bragging rights by showcasing our ability to pick the winner of select basketball games. Nonetheless while filling out brackets has become a time honored tradition for many, being able to consistently have a succesful bracket is a rather daunting task.

To be honest as much as any of us like to consider ourselves to be experts of “bracketology.” I doubt very few people, including myself, pay enough or any attention to college basketball, that is unless you are from an obscure state where pro sports don’t matter or you have some remote connection to a particular school. I mean truthfully how many people can point out where Binghamton University is located?

But fret not, here are 5 useful tips to come out on top in your bracket pool. And while I realize that you can get more in-depth and possibly more credible information from other sources, take a look back at your previous brackets and ask yourself, “What do I got to lose?”

1) The 4-13 upset is the new 12-5. Every year people make a big deal on how the 12-5 upset is bound to happen and with good reason. Each of the last 6 tournaments a 5 seed has gone down to a 12th seeded team. While this possibility still looms some of the 13 vs 4 games are looking rather ripe for an upset. Mississippi State vs. Washington and Akron vs. Gonzaga. Any Takers?

2) Make your pick with no real logical reasoning. For example. If all else fails, pick a team whose mascot would kick the others butt in a fight, or maybe a school whose name you would never name your child after i.e. Radford, or Xavier.3) Don’t be afraid to play be politically incorrect. I’m just saying, look at the Butler roster and then look at the LSU roster and you tell me who is going to win that game.

4) Try not to pick with your heart. Just because you happen to rep Ohio doesn’t mean Cleveland State is going to the Elite 8.

5) Disregarding everything I just said could also be a rather valuable tip. Like I said, what do you got to lose?

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