Art comps exhibits student talent


Author: Natania Reed

Marking the culmination of several months of hard work and creative process, the senior Studio Art majors gathered in the Weingart Galleries last Thursday to present and celebrate their senior comprehensive projects. These projects reflect the immense talent and imagination within the Occidental student community and encompass a variety of artistic mediums including painting, illustration, mixed media, animation, and printmaking. The Senior Art majors include Carly Wright, Chandler Murphy, Eliza Miller, Elise Augenstern, Leah Trujillo, Claire Larson, and Margaret Gallagher.

These projects embody the diversity and creativity within the Studio Art majors: a plethora of different methods were used among the students to produce a broad scope of projects that represent Occidental’s art program. Leah Trujillo (senior) used her passion for illuminated manuscripts to create several art pieces that explore history and identity, intertwining image and text. Trujillo’s interest in calligraphy is evident, as script sprawls across her pieces.

Eliza Miller (senior) explores the individual in a larger, cultural context. She took candid portraits of her friends, cut up the photographic prints into plates, and intertwined and physically wove the images together into a collage. The faces are represented as both disjointed and inevitably connected to address the individual within a large, global scale of social networking.

Carly Wright (senior) created an experimental animation using oils on canvas and images of plants and flowers from her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia to address topics of nostalgia, sentimentality, and memory as connected to one’s hometown. These are only a few examples of the wide variety of mediums and broad range of thematic issues that the projects expound upon. The art pieces will stay up in Weingart Gallery until the end of winter break.

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