Samantha Farrell
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Hugh Hefner advertised progress but sold misogyny

For every person who idolizes the late Hugh Hefner, there is at least one person who despises him. On one side, both in media and in society, he brought sexual “liberation” into the conversation in the 1950s when he founded “Playboy,” in…

No more free passes for supporting immoral artists

I went to see “Manchester by the Sea” in theaters. I paid for it, it made me cry and the story stuck with me for a long time. What also stuck with me was the fact that I had paid…

Detox rides high from Nationals into new year

Last May, Occidental’s men’s ultimate frisbee team, also known as Detox, earned a spot at the D-III College Championships after a dramatic upset over Claremont in the D-III Southwest Conference Ultimate Tournament. The victory was huge for the whole team, but its…

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