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Neutrality vs. Objectivity: The Weekly weighs in

The Weekly has long prided itself on being an objective purveyor of news on this campus. We have carved out a role for ourselves as a platform for differing opinions and a wide range of topics, modeling ourselves after the…

AGC occupation survey results
In November 2016, hundreds of students occupied the Arthur G. Coons (AGC) administrative building of Occidental College in protest against the college administration. They sought to begin a movement for institutional change and administrative action regarding matters of diversity, equity…
Ca’la Connors, studied abroad in the Dominican Republic

Ca’la Connors (senior) studied abroad in the Dominican Republic. She shares how she explored the meaning of blackness outside of U.S. borders, tells us what Haitian catch phrases should be used everywhere and describes how she found a happiness that…

Zander Silverman, studied abroad in Argentina

Reflecting on his semester in Buenos Aires, Zander Silverman (senior) discusses asados (think American BBQ but bigger), expectations vs. reality with his homestay parents and how he used skateboarding to integrate himself into Argentine culture.

Kat Fedorchak, studied abroad in Morocco

Sinking back into the memories of when she was abroad in Morocco, Kat Fedorchak (junior) shares her happiest moment overseas (spoiler: it involves camels), the Moroccan-Arabic phrase, shooma, that she and her friends could not stop using, and how she…

Lila Chu, studied abroad in Bali, Indonesia

Lila chu studied abroad in Bali, Indonesia this past Fall. She discusses experiencing a local trance dance, how language impacts Indonesian culture, the plenitude of fruit in Bali and describes the scenery that moved her most.

Study Abroad Series Episode 5: Rosalind at Argentina

Reflecting on time abroad in Buenos Aires, Roz discusses the extravagance of experiencing her host mom’s birthday (bottles on bottles of wine), how she tackled her biggest challenge (catcalling to the extreme), and describes her favorite catch phrase, “de buena…

Sofia Resnik at New Zealand

Reflecting on her semester abroad in New Zealand, Sofia Resnik discusses learning about Maori culture, growing more independent and her beautiful expedition to Milford Sound.

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